Gone, Daddy Gone! (anchasta) wrote in ne_thing_irish,
Gone, Daddy Gone!

Name/Age: Amber Ray Shehan, 24
Five hobbies you enjoy: Candling, Cooking, Embroidering, Reading, Drumming (and selling said candles, embroidery, and "Proud Irish Snake" clothes at http://www.freewebs.com/candlesdepixi)
Five bands (or more) you LIKE: Corvus Corax, The Decemberists, Clannad, Incus, Gogol Bordello, Little Feat, Yes, Switchblade Symphony, CSN&Y
Five bands (or more) you HATE: Well...hate is a bit strong, but I'd say Fluffy, Limp Bizkit, Celine Dion, can't really think of any more right now.
Three movies (or more) you like: Dancer in the Dark, O Brother Where Art Thou, Kaena
What was the last book you read?: American Gods, Neil Gaiman (and it has made my Top 5 list)
What Nationalities are you?: American-made blend of mostly Irish/Iroquois on Mother's side, and Irish/Swedish/Scottish on my Father's.

How do you feel about:
Sex?: I tend to enjoy it when it happens! So should other people.
Gay Marriage?: Love is Love is Love...the rest is socially taught barriers.
Bush?: I didn't vote for him, and I wish he had never happened to my country.
Kerry?: The Democratic's desperate cry for help, and a valiant effort.
The war in Iraq?: A farce endangering the lives of both civilians and our armed forces for monetary gains, based on a thin web of faulty evidence, which makes most of the rest of the world hate us.
Drugs?: I enjoy the bounty of the earth and all it has to share, but remember, moderation is a good idea.
If your cd player was on repeat, which song would you pick to listen to over and over again?: Geez, I'd hate just about any song after that...but I could do "Hard Time Killing Floor Blues" from the O Brother soundtrack.
Tell a joke:
Q. How many men does it take to wallpaper a room?
A. About two - if they're thinly sliced.
Why should you be allowed near the bar?: I'm usually the server, weaving through the drunken crowds and laughing!
What job (if any) do you have? (work): I am a house cleaner, and a figure drawing model.
Rock or Rap?: Rock or rap...I lean towards rock, but I like strong rhythms, I do dig some rap.
We need at least 3 pictures of you.

Living in the swamps of Virginia...

Out at night with my hubby _archeon_ and my friend jess_halcyon...

Sitting around...
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I would've thought you were a teenager!!! Married, no!!! lol

lol, I'm called a pixie because of that...I am 23 & 24 in those pics! My whole family is tiny, on both sides.

Nice to meet you! ;)

Nice to meet you too!!

That's a cute nickname (pixie).
omgosh i love "Hard Time Killing Floor Blues" :D welcome!

Thanks, and Hello! ;)