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Hey guys

Name/Age: Christine 16
Five hobbies you enjoy: hanging with family and friends, listening to music, going to school, reading, sleeping
Five bands (or more) you LIKE: Queen, The Corrs,
Five bands (or more) you HATE: Anything rap or dance is just so bad
Three movies (or more) you like: Harry potter, Braveheart, Life of Brian, Michael Collins
What was the last book you read?: I'm re reading Harry Potter
What Nationalities are you?: Irish, English, Scottish, Viking, possibly Chinese (we're not sure)
How do you feel about:
Sex?: I know its stupid to think that everyone is going to stay virgins until they're married but I think it should be within a commited relationship of two people who love each other and should not happen under the age limit cause thats just sick.
Gay Marriage?: all for it, homophobia gets on my nerves
Bush?: don't like him, he is not good enough for the job and he forces his Christian values onto people like his views on gay people and abortion.
Kerry?: he wasn't Bush so I liked him and he isn't homophobic
The war in Iraq?: so stupid, it is none of Americas buisness, they shouldn't be there,
Drugs?: I'm for them for medical reasons like painkiller and the like but I'm not for casual use
If your cd player was on repeat, which song would you pick to listen to over and over again?:
Tell a joke: Why did the man fall off his bicylce? Someone threw a fridge at him. I love that joke
Why should you be allowed near the bar?: I'm Irish
What job (if any) do you have? (work): School - belive me it doesn't end at 3:30
Rock or Rap?: Rock
We need at least 3 pictures of you. I'm really sorry I know nothing about uploading pictures
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