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Intro [20 Oct 2008|11:14am]

Name/Age: Ian, 18
Five hobbies you enjoy: Martial arts, photography, writing, going to concerts, cooking
Five bands (or more) you LIKE: Flogging Molly, Nightwish, Metallica, The Killers, Tom Waits, Gaelic Storm, The Sisters of Mercy, Apocalyptica, System of a Down, Live, Korn
Five bands (or more) you HATE: I can't think of names off the top of my head. I'm not a fan of most country or shitty gangsta rap.
Three movies (or more) you like: The Departed, Fight Club, Snatch, Lucky Number Slevin, Serenity, The Prestige, A Scanner Darkly, American Beauty, The Virgin Suicides, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
What was the last book you read?: Right now I'm in the middle of "Deadeye Dick" (Vonnegut), but the last book I finished was "Stone Butch Blues" by Leslie Feinberg.
What Nationalities are you?: I'm American, but comprised of: English, Irish, German, a little Danish and a little Welsh.

How do you feel about:
Sex?: Go for it. Personally it's not a huge part of my life (by choice), but I've got no issues with it.
Gay Marriage?: I think the government should stay out of people's romantic entanglements entirely, but if it's going to interfere it should interfere equally.
Bush?: Kind of a dumbfuck.
Kerry?: The politician? Pretty irrelevant these days, I suppose.
The war in Iraq?: I want it to end so everyone can come home, but realistically? I don't know.
Drugs?: I think there's a point where you move beyond responsible use and just become stupid and addicted. Up until that point, go ahead.
If your cd player was on repeat, which song would you pick to listen to over and over again?: At the moment, Nightwish's "Last of the Wilds". I would just buy a new CD player, though. ;-)
Tell a joke: Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella?

Fo' drizzle!

Why should you be allowed near the bar?: Uh. 'cause I tell clever stories?
What job (if any) do you have? (work): I work at a Starbucks. Yeah I know, shut up.
Rock or Rap?: Rock, in general, but honestly some rap is pretty cool as an art form. It's just the mainstream gangsta shit that gets churned out that gives it all a bad name.

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers icon batch [19 Oct 2008|12:57pm]

[1] Josh Hartnett
[2-4] Kristen Stewart
[5-13] Keira Knightley
[14-19] Kate Beckinsale
[20-36] Jonathan Rhys Meyers
[37-50] Claire Danes
[51-70] Charlize Theron
[71-87] Gwen Stefani
[88-93] Hayden Christensen
[94-97] Hayden Panetierre
[98-102] Heroes
[103-107] Hilary Rhoda
[108-110] Jack Black
[111-114] Jonas Brothers
[115-137] Leighton Meester


Here @ sexy_mood_music. The post will be public for 5 days, and after that, you MUST JOIN to see the post, but don't worry because everyone gets accepted! If you have any comments or feedback, please leave it at the graphics entry!
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[10 Aug 2008|12:27am]

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    Newbie delurking... [13 Mar 2008|08:29pm]
    [ mood | amused ]

    Name/Age: Willie/46 (do I get the prize for oldest member? *grin*)

    Five hobbies you enjoy: dressing up in funny clothes and pretending I'm in the Middle Ages (I'm a member of the SCA), genealogy, planning my next trip to Ireland, reading, listening to music

    Five bands (or more) you LIKE: since this is an Irish-focus list, I'll list Irish bands: Lunasa, the Frames, U2, Teada, Nomos

    Five bands (or more) you HATE: don't know if I *hate* any...but I not at all fond of most country-western music

    Three movies (or more) you like: Princess Bride, Quiet Man, Dogma

    What was the last book you read?: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (I'm going through the series on audiobook ATM...)

    What Nationalities are you?: American ;-) As far as ancestry, mostly German, with a dash of French and a pinch of Dutch

    How do you feel about:
    Sex?: Personally, only in a committed relationship (doesn't have to mean marriage)
    Gay Marriage?: Should be legal.
    Bush?: How many days until he's gone???
    Kerry?: A very lovely county--I enjoyed our drive around the Ring of Kerry immensely *grin*
    The war in Iraq?: Please let it be over soon, and please let our men and women come home soon
    Drugs?: Prescription only for me, thank you. I have an over-active imagination, so I've never needed chemical "enhancement."

    If your cd player was on repeat, which song would you pick to listen to over and over again?: Right now, Jeff Buckley's version of "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen

    Tell a joke: Q: How many kids with ADHD does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: Let's go play baseball!

    Why should you be allowed near the bar?: Although I'm not of Irish ancestry, I love Ireland and its history and culture.

    What job (if any) do you have? (work): Case manager for people who have developmental disabilities.

    Rock or Rap?: Rock, please

    We need at least 3 pictures of you. I have none online. Sorry!

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    Come join Colin Latest [05 Jul 2007|08:38pm]

    If you love Colin,come join Colin Latest,the brand new community for everything colin farrell.
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    dia dhuit [14 May 2006|08:04pm]


    hello everyone...i'm new here...

    Name/Age: jess/22

    Five hobbies you enjoy: theatre, creative writing, learning languages, going places, knitting, the oboe, the fiddle, walks, whistling, zines.

    Five bands (or more) you LIKE: ted leo and the pharmacists, ben arnold, ben folds, ben kweller, mittens, raging teens, danger mouse, james taylor, janis joplin, the yeah yeah yeahs, elliott smith, feist, the techniques, jimi hendrix, the sex pistols, john holt, kanye west, the kinks, the roots, jump little children, kansas, journey, gitte henning, rilo kiley, the polyphonic spree, neko case, ray lynch, spoon, mcgowan, starlight mints, stargazer lily, vague angels, the police, sufjan stevens, drew o'doherty, talking heads, the who, a tribe called quest, sleater-kinney, belle&sebastian, elvis costello, daft punk, depeche mode, emm gryner, jeff buckley, jill sobule, joni mitchell, u2, the clash, bob dylan, manu chao, franz ferdinand, bonnie raitt, beck, calexico, the beach boys, phoenix, archer prewitt, pj harvey, the libertines, new order, paul simon, the mountain goats, pedro the lion, modest mouse, the smiths, leonard bernstein, nickel creek, stephen kellogg, my mother

    Five bands (or more) you HATE: stuff like yellowcard.  does that make sense?

    Three movies (or more) you like: cradle will rock, benny and joon, wet hot american summer, to kill a mockingbird, donnie darko, who framed roger rabbit, amelie, monty python and the holy grail, cider house rules, young frankenstein, y tu mama tambien, lost in translation, laurel canyon, the secret of roan inish

    What was the last book you read?: "the pleasure of my company" by steve martin

    What Nationalities are you?: a typical american mix - irish, polish, greek.

    How do you feel about...
    Sex?: i'm all for it.
    Gay Marriage?: i've the same opinions on straight marriage.
    Bush?: bastard, to put it mildly
    Kerry?: my senator...not a strong enough candidate, was afraid to rock the boat.  i would have preferred my other senator.
    The war in Iraq?: a terrible waste of lives.
    Drugs?: i don't do any

    If your cd player was on repeat, which song would you pick to listen to over and over again?: either "bolero" or "rhapsody in blue"

    Tell a joke: what's the difference between mick jagger and a welshman?  one says "hey you, get offa my cloud" and the other says "hey macleod, get offa my ewe"...not my best, but the first one that came to my head.

    Why should you be allowed near the bar?: why shouldn't i?  i talk to strangers if they seem open to it.

    What job (if any) do you have? (work): i work at a bookstore and a flower shop.

    Rock or Rap?: mostly rock, but some rap as well.

    We need at least 3 pictures of you.

    <lj-cut text="...and i need a beer">


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    Top o' da mornin' all! :D [09 May 2006|10:35am]

    [ mood | chipper ]

    Name/Age: Adrianne, 22
    Five hobbies you enjoy: Writing, drawing, singing, storyboarding, jogging
    Five bands (or more) you LIKE: Barenaked Ladies, FLOGGING MOLLY!!, Off Kilter, Green Day, Dave Matthews Band...I totally love Celtic Rock!
    Five bands (or more) you HATE: Britney Spears, Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Simpson...just any of the bubble gum pop groups...except for *NSync. Those guys can still jam for me anyday. :P
    Three movies (or more) you like: Disney's the Hunchback of Notre Dame (a childhood fav), Wayne's World, and the Producers.
    What was the last book you read?: Tracks by Louise Erdrich. Very very good book. Highly recommended, even though I had to read it for a class.
    What Nationalities are you?: Mostly Polish and German, but I've got bits of Irish and French in me too.
    How do you feel about:
    Sex?: I'm personally waiting for marriage, but everybody to their own ideals.
    Gay Marriage?: I get kinda technical about this. Separation of church and state. If the church says no by their laws, so be it. No gay marriage. But the government has a duty to serve the people, no matter who they be. Everyone is allowed those same rights and marriage is one of them. So gay marriage should be allowed in the state.
    Bush?: I try to keep an open mind that he's trying to do his best for his country, but his attitude about it is a turn off. So can't say I'm really a fan.
    Kerry?: Didn't seem too bad of a guy. I'll admit I voted for him.
    The war in Iraq?: Don't understand much of it, so I'm not gonna give an opinion.
    Drugs?: Bad stuff man. Never did an illegal one in my life. Seen too many lives go bad over that stuff.
    If your cd player was on repeat, which song would you pick to listen to over and over again?: Oh man. This seems lame, but one of my all time favorite songs is "Lady Marmalade" from Moulin Rouge, so it would probably be that. LOL
    Tell a joke: Kind of on the spot. Okay, this is just a bit of what happened yesterday, but for some reason at the restaurant where I work, we have this mini hedge trimmer in our kitchen. It has something to do with the bread...whether it be for slicing, I don't know. But one of the girls is working on it and she goes, "How do I use this with the bread?" Without missing a beat, I shouted out, "Very carefully!"
    Why should you be allowed near the bar?: Because I can eat more chicken tenders than anyone else.
    What job (if any) do you have? (work): I'm a waitress at a local restaurant. I also do part time as a reference librarian at my university.
    Rock or Rap?: ROCK ALL THE WAY!!...but some rap is alright.
    Here come the pics!!Collapse )

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    [08 Mar 2006|06:05pm]

    i came acrossed this and i needed to share with some people that would appreciate it as much as i did.


    you will need sound. and you need to watch it from the first video on.

    xposted. sorry if it eats your friends page.
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    [19 Feb 2006|11:48am]

    Name/Age: Amber Ray Shehan, 24
    Five hobbies you enjoy: Candling, Cooking, Embroidering, Reading, Drumming (and selling said candles, embroidery, and "Proud Irish Snake" clothes at http://www.freewebs.com/candlesdepixi)
    Five bands (or more) you LIKE: Corvus Corax, The Decemberists, Clannad, Incus, Gogol Bordello, Little Feat, Yes, Switchblade Symphony, CSN&Y
    Five bands (or more) you HATE: Well...hate is a bit strong, but I'd say Fluffy, Limp Bizkit, Celine Dion, can't really think of any more right now.
    Three movies (or more) you like: Dancer in the Dark, O Brother Where Art Thou, Kaena
    What was the last book you read?: American Gods, Neil Gaiman (and it has made my Top 5 list)
    What Nationalities are you?: American-made blend of mostly Irish/Iroquois on Mother's side, and Irish/Swedish/Scottish on my Father's.

    How do you feel about:
    Sex?: I tend to enjoy it when it happens! So should other people.
    Gay Marriage?: Love is Love is Love...the rest is socially taught barriers.
    Bush?: I didn't vote for him, and I wish he had never happened to my country.
    Kerry?: The Democratic's desperate cry for help, and a valiant effort.
    The war in Iraq?: A farce endangering the lives of both civilians and our armed forces for monetary gains, based on a thin web of faulty evidence, which makes most of the rest of the world hate us.
    Drugs?: I enjoy the bounty of the earth and all it has to share, but remember, moderation is a good idea.
    If your cd player was on repeat, which song would you pick to listen to over and over again?: Geez, I'd hate just about any song after that...but I could do "Hard Time Killing Floor Blues" from the O Brother soundtrack.
    Tell a joke:
    Q. How many men does it take to wallpaper a room?
    A. About two - if they're thinly sliced.
    Why should you be allowed near the bar?: I'm usually the server, weaving through the drunken crowds and laughing!
    What job (if any) do you have? (work): I am a house cleaner, and a figure drawing model.
    Rock or Rap?: Rock or rap...I lean towards rock, but I like strong rhythms, I do dig some rap.
    We need at least 3 pictures of you.
    The PicsCollapse )
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    [28 Jan 2006|08:47pm]

    [ mood | blah ]

    Hey guys

    Name/Age: Christine 16
    Five hobbies you enjoy: hanging with family and friends, listening to music, going to school, reading, sleeping
    Five bands (or more) you LIKE: Queen, The Corrs,
    Five bands (or more) you HATE: Anything rap or dance is just so bad
    Three movies (or more) you like: Harry potter, Braveheart, Life of Brian, Michael Collins
    What was the last book you read?: I'm re reading Harry Potter
    What Nationalities are you?: Irish, English, Scottish, Viking, possibly Chinese (we're not sure)
    How do you feel about:
    Sex?: I know its stupid to think that everyone is going to stay virgins until they're married but I think it should be within a commited relationship of two people who love each other and should not happen under the age limit cause thats just sick.
    Gay Marriage?: all for it, homophobia gets on my nerves
    Bush?: don't like him, he is not good enough for the job and he forces his Christian values onto people like his views on gay people and abortion.
    Kerry?: he wasn't Bush so I liked him and he isn't homophobic
    The war in Iraq?: so stupid, it is none of Americas buisness, they shouldn't be there,
    Drugs?: I'm for them for medical reasons like painkiller and the like but I'm not for casual use
    If your cd player was on repeat, which song would you pick to listen to over and over again?:
    Tell a joke: Why did the man fall off his bicylce? Someone threw a fridge at him. I love that joke
    Why should you be allowed near the bar?: I'm Irish
    What job (if any) do you have? (work): School - belive me it doesn't end at 3:30
    Rock or Rap?: Rock
    We need at least 3 pictures of you. I'm really sorry I know nothing about uploading pictures

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    [01 Jan 2006|05:33am]

    you are

    New here =) [30 Dec 2005|04:43am]

    [ mood | calm ]

    -Name/Age: Marissa, 20 (well, turning 21 in two months, woo!)
    -Five hobbies you enjoy: diy, illustrating, reading, martial arts, archery
    -Five bands (or more) you LIKE: Michelle Branch, Flogging Molly, Evanescence, ICP, Dark Lotus, Kiyoshi Yoshida, Yoko Kanno, Leahy, Enya, anything 80's...
    -Five bands (or more) you HATE: Anything hip-hop or mainstream bitch pop.
    -Three movies (or more) you like: Meet the Feebles, Trainspotting, The Living Dead Series (old and new), Kill Bill (both vols.), Life Aquatic, Ju-On, FFVII: Advent Children, Death To Smoochy, Harry Potter, and so on...
    -What was the last book you read?: The Small Business Start-Up Kit for California
    -What Nationalities are you?: Mutt - Filipino, Valencian-Spanish, Chinese, with a hint of Sicilian.
    -How do you feel about:
    -Sex?: Rough. Very rough >=)
    -Gay Marriage?: Eh, I'm indifferent
    -Bush?: He's an alright president, though he's not "republican enough"
    -Kerry?: HELL NO!!
    -The war in Iraq?: I support our troops, dammit!
    -Drugs?: I could go for some adult brownies =)
    -If your cd player was on repeat, which song would you pick to listen to over and over again?: Inner Universe, by Yoko Kanno
    -Tell a joke: Erm, you wouldn't wanna hear them...
    -Why should you be allowed near the bar?: Because I'm nice and I buy people drinks
    -What job (if any) do you have? (work): Freelance illustrator and designer
    -Rock or Rap?: Rock
    -We need at least 3 pictures of you.

    Right here...Collapse )

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    [15 Dec 2005|01:24pm]
    [ mood | cheerful ]

    newbie hereCollapse )

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    [20 Nov 2005|09:07am]

    I'm not sure if this is allowed here or not, but I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that on http://www.celticjewelrybox.com there is a promotion going on for Christmas where everything is on sale and all orders of $30 or more gets free ground shipping if you put "Free shipping" in the comments section when you check out.

    This has been cross-posted a couple places to spread the Christmas cheer!
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    Atlanta Irish Music Competition- USA [18 Nov 2005|03:41pm]

    If you're over, please join us!

    Irish musicians of all ages -- register for the 2006 Atlanta Irish Music Competition -- a new Irish music competition held in the southeastern U.S.! Registration for the competition begins online on December 1, 2005. Registration forms and more information can be found at the competition’s website, www.AtlantaIrishMusic.com.

    The Atlanta Irish Music Competition will be held on Saturday, February 4, 2006. The competition will include categories for fiddle, flute, whistle, uilleann pipes, concertina, plucked strings (banjo, mandolin, guitar, bouzouki, and harp), miscellaneous instruments (piano accordion, piano, button accordion, melodeon, and cello), and song: Irish or English. The age categories will be: Child (7-11yrs); Junior (12-15); Novice (15-18); and Adult (19+).

    The judges for the competition will be Marie Reilly of New York City, former fiddler for the world renowned band Cherish the Ladies and Riverdance, and Seamus MacConaonaigh of County Galway, Ireland; a highly acclaimed flute and whistle player. Marie Reilly and Seamus MacConaonaigh will be performing an evening concert after the competition at The Red Light Cafe in Midtown Atlanta.

    This competition is being sponsored jointly by the Irish Arts Foundation of Atlanta (www.iafatlanta.com), Irwin Thomas Fiddle Studio (www.irwinthomasfiddle.com), and the Irish Chamber of Commerce (www.iccusa.org).

    For more information, email the Irish Arts Foundation of Atlanta at iaf_atl@yahoo.com or for phone inquiries call Katherine Irwin Thomas at 678-372-9494.
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    northern ireland [12 Nov 2005|12:02am]

    hi fellow celtic cool people!

    i wanted some feedback from you guys, mainly any of you that live in northern ireland, but others too if you're interested. i work in conflict resolution and am doing some research to provide solutions to the problems in northern ireland. i thought your opinions and thoughts might be interesting; if you'd like to, please fill in my survey at http://FreeOnlineSurveys.com/rendersurvey.asp?id=127656

    thanks so much guys!
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    Intro... [08 Nov 2005|03:05pm]

    Name/Age: Aileen/16
    Five hobbies you enjoy: Drawing, violin, horseback riding, gardening, art in general
    Five bands (or more) you LIKE: The Shins, Norah Jones, The GooGoo Dolls, Michelle Branch, Fivestar Riot
    Five bands (or more) you HATE: Pretty much any blonde bimbos/boy bands/rap
    Three movies (or more) you like: The Jacket, The Good Girl, Anchorman
    What was the last book you read?: Catcher in the Rye
    What Nationalities are you?: American- mostly Irish (about 2/3), English, French-Canadian, German, Scottish, and like 1% Native American
    How do you feel about:
    Sex?: I don't know, it sounds fun, but I think I'm a little young
    Gay Marriage?: it should be legal, it's their business
    Bush?: he's the worst president EVER, I was sad too see that America's made up of so many idiots that he was re-elected
    Kerry?: he seemed like a nice guy, but he was a weak candidate. He rolled over too quickly/easily in withdrawing.
    The war in Iraq?: Wasting lives and resources on a lie, when there are so many problems at home/around the world, and Osama's still out there.
    Drugs?: not for me
    If your cd player was on repeat, which song would you pick to listen to over and over again?:</b> New Slang by The Shins
    Tell a joke: Okay this is really corny, but I like corny :P : What happened to the dyslexic devil-worshipers? They sold their souls to Santa!
    Why should you be allowed near the bar?: I'm weird and crazy and IRISH!
    What job (if any) do you have? (work): full-time student XD
    Rock or Rap?: rock
    We need at least 3 pictures of you.

    Read more...Collapse )
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    [07 Nov 2005|06:53pm]
    [ mood | angry ]

    Name/Age: Allie, 17
    Five hobbies you enjoy: reading, music, golf, watching tv, going online
    Five bands (or more) you LIKE: queen
    Five bands (or more) you HATE: can't think of any
    Three movies (or more) you like: newsies, finding nemo, tommy boy
    What was the last book you read?: "the crucible" for english class
    What Nationalities are you?: American, English, Irish
    How do you feel about:
    Sex?: i dunno
    Gay Marriage?: all for it
    Bush?: depends on the issues
    Kerry?: again, depends on the issues
    The war in Iraq?: i haven't really thought about it
    Drugs?: drugs are bad
    If your cd player was on repeat, which song would you pick to listen to over and over again?: i like to vary my songs instead of listening to the same one over and over again. if i listened to the same song over and over again, i would get bored with it.
    Tell a joke: i'm bad at telling jokes
    Why should you be allowed near the bar?: i dunno
    What job (if any) do you have? (work): no job yet
    Rock or Rap?: neither
    We need at least 3 pictures of you. why?

    you are

    Hello! [25 Oct 2005|10:28pm]
    Name/Age: Stacey, 24
    Five hobbies you enjoy: Music, Teaching, Irish Music, Irish Dancing, Marching Band
    Five bands (or more) you LIKE: Dervish!
    Five bands (or more) you HATE: Anything on contemporary popular radio
    Three movies (or more) you like: I don't have time to watch movies
    What was the last book you read?: All the way through??? I have no idea. I have a short attention span...
    What Nationalities are you?: Italian, English, and German
    How do you feel about:
    Sex?: it's there
    Gay Marriage?: to each his own
    Bush?: haha
    Kerry?: my new kitty?
    The war in Iraq?: what are you going to do?
    Drugs?: drugs are bad, umk
    If your cd player was on repeat, which song would you pick to listen to over and over again?: that would be really annoying
    Tell a joke: What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor? "Where's my tractor?"
    Why should you be allowed near the bar?: ummmmmm Baileys :-)
    What job (if any) do you have? (work): Music Teacher
    Rock or Rap?: NEITHER
    We need at least 3 pictures of you. too bad
    you are

    Greetings! [25 Oct 2005|10:21pm]

    Hi guys! I’m new here, so I just wanted to take a minute to say hi!

    I am the third generation of my family to be born on American soil, with my great grandparents coming from County Donegal, Ireland. I am proud of my heritage and fond of the culture that I grew up learning about. The myths, legends, and history of the Celts and of Ireland have motivated and inspired me in many ways.

    If anyone is interested, one of those ways happens to be Celtic Jewelry. The history behind the symbols and the beauty of Celtic artwork mystify me, and keep me wanting to learn more. Please take a moment and visit http://www.celticjewelrybox.com and let me know what you think. If you happen to see something you like, we have lots of excellent deals.

    That being out of the way, I am looking for some online resources to help with my Gaelic before my next trip to Ireland. Any suggestions?

    x-posted a few places
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