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Name/Age: Aileen/16
Five hobbies you enjoy: Drawing, violin, horseback riding, gardening, art in general
Five bands (or more) you LIKE: The Shins, Norah Jones, The GooGoo Dolls, Michelle Branch, Fivestar Riot
Five bands (or more) you HATE: Pretty much any blonde bimbos/boy bands/rap
Three movies (or more) you like: The Jacket, The Good Girl, Anchorman
What was the last book you read?: Catcher in the Rye
What Nationalities are you?: American- mostly Irish (about 2/3), English, French-Canadian, German, Scottish, and like 1% Native American
How do you feel about:
Sex?: I don't know, it sounds fun, but I think I'm a little young
Gay Marriage?: it should be legal, it's their business
Bush?: he's the worst president EVER, I was sad too see that America's made up of so many idiots that he was re-elected
Kerry?: he seemed like a nice guy, but he was a weak candidate. He rolled over too quickly/easily in withdrawing.
The war in Iraq?: Wasting lives and resources on a lie, when there are so many problems at home/around the world, and Osama's still out there.
Drugs?: not for me
If your cd player was on repeat, which song would you pick to listen to over and over again?:</b> New Slang by The Shins
Tell a joke: Okay this is really corny, but I like corny :P : What happened to the dyslexic devil-worshipers? They sold their souls to Santa!
Why should you be allowed near the bar?: I'm weird and crazy and IRISH!
What job (if any) do you have? (work): full-time student XD
Rock or Rap?: rock
We need at least 3 pictures of you.

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I'm in the middle!

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